How exactly to Make a female Feel Much Better

How exactly to Make a female Feel Much Better

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I am a guy that is dutch when you look at the Czech Republic and I also came across a girl simply this morning (whom I saw very often early in the day at my work, workplace etc. ) who is apparently extremely shy.

We’d an workplace celebration a single day later and we also chatted nearly the entire night. Being quite close and I also felt that she really felt quite comfortable around me personally. Looking at each other people eyes, chatting quite without problems, yet. When I gave her compliments on what she looked(looks extremely stunning) as well as on her stunning eyes, this really made her look away also it provided me with the impression that very few guys informed her this (which surprises me personally as she actually is a truly sweet girl).

Now, we realised that this woman is a (very) shy girl and most likely not used to a guy liking her. We did talk maybe once or twice at the job though and I also also invited her to get a sit down elsewhere in a cafe where there is also kitties (she really really really loves kitties and I also’m not allergic, her feel comfy) so I thought, best place to make. Continue reading “How exactly to Make a female Feel Much Better”