Cameron mooney denies stephen dank worked at geelong

Cameron mooney denies더킹카지노 stephen dank worked at geelong

Nigel Dank told a local newspaper he worked at the club as a janitor but he has been cleared of any wrongdoing by Melbourne Football Club.

Dank says he worked for six months at Geelong in 1993-94 as a janitor and was employed by the club since 1998.

He says he left t우리카지노he club in November 1998 at the beginning of that season due to “difficult economic times” but that he has “never been in contact with Mr Cameron Mooney or anyone at Geelong since”.

A former employee says he and Dank went to a Geelong game in 2003. They claimed to have had a cup of tea and there was an “overwhelming crowd”.

The employee says: “There was a small queue outside at the end of the game, and we walked in, and Mr Cameron Mooney was sitting there drinking a cup of tea.

“He was drinking and smoking and having a nice time, and then he asked what the hell was going on, and just left.

“He was obviously under extreme stress when he left the game, and he didn’t want anyone to know about it, and that’s all we can say.”

Dank says he was given a six-month severance package worth $300,000 from the club for his work in 2006-07, but that he claims he and Mooney never exchanged salary details in the six months of the period he was with the club.

In an interview with Fairfax Media in February, Dank told newspaper reporters he was unable to answer several questions about the incident, including: “How come my team’s colours had a different design to that of the white team, and my team’s colours had blue as well?”

Mousin’s brother tells Cricbuzz HQ that the incident, as alleged by Dank, could have been an unprovoked incident.

A source told Cricbuzz that the club knew at the time of his brother’s claims that it was wrong for his brother to believe things happened in a romantic context.

In the interview, Dank is asked why he gave an interview. He says he didn’t want people to think he knew anything about the incident as he told his story to “all the players, and to the team”.

When questioned about his own recollections, Dank says: “I am not denying that [my gospelhitzbrother] knew something”.

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